Most common FBA Errors & Troubleshooting steps

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Here is a list of FBA errors usually encountered by users, along with the recommended troubleshooting steps.



Error Resolution


No carrier was found that matched the specified CarrierName value.

Specify a valid CarrierName value.


No package information (for Small Parcel shipments) or pallet information (for Less Than Truckload/Full Truckload (LTL/FTL) shipments) was specified. 

Specify this information using either the PackageList or the PalletListparameter of the PutTransportContent operation.


The specified carrier is not supported in the marketplace where the inbound shipment originates.



ASIN is enrolled in UNO (Small & Light) program and MCF cannot fulfill UNO ASINs. Small and Light can be used only to fulfill Amazon orders.


Unexpected Error occurred <Code>500<Code>

An HTTP 500 error does usually indicate it is an Amazon server issue.

Waiting for about half to one hour, the issue should be resolved.


FBA guides sellers to align their inventory supply with buyer demand, and they check if there are sufficient inventory capacities for the given items. You are already at the maximum inventory allowed for this product, due to capacity or other restrictions. 

Item must be removed from your batch to finish creating your shipment.


The merchant's SKU is marked as a commingled product, but it is actually not commingable. Amazon may change that error message to: Expiry-dated or lot-controlled product cannot be commingled.

Please create new listing for the same ASIN but different SKU.


No Amazon-partnered shipment was associated with the specified ShipmentId value. 

Specify a ShipmentId value that is associated with an Amazon-partnered shipment.


Item has no eligible Fulfillment Center as it is hazmat (hazardous material) so you cannot send it to FBA.


Failed to preview package reason= PARENT_IAID

Only matrix children can be sent.

A matrix parent cannot be included in the inbound shipment as the matrix parent SKU is not a real item.

Remove the Matrix Parent SKU


This SKU is not present in your FBA Catalog.


1: Change the product to Fulfilled by Amazon.

2: Launch to Amazon, wait several minutes.

3: Retrieve the FNSKU by executing the action 'Get FNSKU'.


Product is missing dimensions for FBA.


1: Select Shipment. 

2: Select Edit from the Action Menu and click GO.

3: Select product.

4: Select Revise Dimensions and Weight on Amazon and click Go. (Update Weight and Dimensions of the product by clicking on the box next to the product) 

5: Save shipment.

Shipping Status is ERROR_ESTIMATING

There's an error in the address.

Ex: Invalid Zip code due to a symbol included at the end of the code.

Correct the errors in the address to give the address input in the required format.


This issue mostly occurs due to Sync issues or delays between information, and the information provided by Amazon's MWS API. 

Often corrects itself during the next API Sync. Else, can contact Seller Central Support.


Product is missing the UPC on Seller Central.




Change value

Insufficient inventory capacity for the operation

As shared on Amazon Seller Forums: You may have an inventory storage limit. Inventory storage limits generally apply to new FBA sellers  and existing FBA sellers with slower-turning inventory.  If your Amazon FBA account is configured for Unlimited storage: One of the items in the Preview has an ASIN level capacity restriction.

Amazon does not tell us which item is causing the error. So, you'd have to manually inspect which product might be causing the issue.


The Seller has not accepted Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program terms and conditions.

The Seller should accept Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program terms and conditions on Seller Central.

You must include a valid ShipmentId with a call to the CreateInboundShipment operation. Get ShipmentId values by calling the CreateInboundShipmentPlan operation. The request to CreateInboundShipment must include only items and quantities that have been previously planned through CreateInboundShipmentPlan.

The temporary ID assigned to a previewed shipment expires after 48 hours.



A Potential Hazardous Material (Hazmat).

Product currently under review by Amazon.The product will not be accepted until Amazon has completed their review and determined it meets Amazon's product compliance standards.

This process generally takes between 4-7 business  days. 

This item must be removed.


Amazon is always evaluating categories and products and may change the eligibility for products at any  time.

Not all products are eligible for Stickerless Commingled Inventory. Most notably in grocery, health and beauty, and media products must always be labeled. 

Add the item to the FBA Shipment in SellerCentral. After adding the item, some form of the following message may appear:

''This product is not eligible for stickerless commingling. 

This product requires labeling to be received at our fulfillment centers.  I agree to apply labels to these products. ''

After agreeing, the item may be able to be added to the FBA shipment in SellerCloud.


No CarrierName value was specified

Specify a valid CarrierName value.

Quantity is not divisible by QuantityInCase for SellerSKU:xxxxxxxx

The Qty to Ship is not divisible by the Qty Per Case.

Ex: Qty to Ship = 1 and Qty Per Case = 50 is incorrect, because 1 is not divisible as a whole number by 50.

Qty to ship refers to the Qty of Units you are shipping.


Can occur when AMAZON_LABEL_ONLY is being sent.

Amazon is returning a message that they do not have enough information about the product to label the product themselves. For example, if the product does not have a UPC.

Add the product information or label items yourself. Use the Seller Label option.

Invalid Request - Seller is over volume capacity limit for StorageType: SORTABLE

This occurs when there is an issue with FBA storage limits.

You need to contact Seller Central Support to resolve this issue.

The Solutions listed are the ones that usually work, but it can always change.

If you face an issue, kindly reach out to our Support team and/or Amazon Seller Central Support.

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