Creating and downloading financial reports from Amazon

Updated 2 years ago by Travis R

In order for AccelerList to help you visualize and organize your financials from your Amazon Seller Central account we need you to create and download your report so that you can import it into AccelerList. Your accounting information will be a combination of your business income and fees (financial reports from Amazon) and the expenses and cost of goods that you manually track.

The accuracy of your accounting records will only be as good as your record keeping on the expense side. You cannot have a complete picture unless both are updated and accurate to the best of your ability.

If you are not familiar with downloading your financial reports from Amazon Seller Central than you can click on the blue link below and we will walk you through the process. Once you are familiar with creating and downloading your reports than you can simply drag and drop your .csv report file directly onto the screen to generate your accounting visuals and income statement.

Be sure to remember what date range you want to pull when you are creating your financial reports on Amazon Seller Central. If you want reports longer than a month at a time then you will need to create one with a custom date range.

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