The Profit Reprice™ Dashboard

Updated 1 month ago by Adi G

The Profit Reprice™ dashboard sums up all the activity of the tool for the month.

As shown in the image above, the bar graph represents the number of sales and repricer events that occurred during the day.

The 3 metrics shared on this dashboard are as follows:

  1. Yesterday's Sales
    This shows the total number of products sold during the previous day.
  2. Yesterday's Reprice Events
    Profit Reprice has to actively work as per the settings selected for pricing the items, and thus this statistic shows how many such events took place during the day.
  3. Templates Running
    This shows the number of templates that were actively running during the day.

If you haven't yet created a template for Profit Reprice™, kindly read this article. Once created, you can test it and then schedule the template to run actively for the selected hours.

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