Listing Merchant Fulfilled (Overview)

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Before there was FBA, there was Merchant Fulfilled. Merchant Fulfilled is the process whereby the seller list product details onto the Amazon marketplace but does not send the inventory into the warehouse.

In other words, the merchant fulfills the order.

This process can easily be done and AccelerList is already set up for this workflow.

Creating a MF batch

First you will want to ensure you have created the right type of batch when starting and select the correct Merchant Fulfilled shipping template.

Once you have your batch created you are ready to start scanning products. Once finished scanning products you can simply press Submit Feed & Complete Batch.

Patiently wait for the feed to be done and processed on Amazon's side and then check the feed report for any errors you may need to be aware of.

At this point you are done. You can now wait for a sale against this product and then prepare to ship the product to the customer once Amazon alerts you to the sale.

Find your MF items and converting them to FBA

If you would like to find your MF inventory and then convert it to FBA you should first navigate to Seller Central > Inventory > Manage Inventory.

Next you will locate and find your product(s) within your inventory list.

Once you have found your product(s) and decided to send them in to the FBA warehouse, you can either do it individually (not recommended as inbound shipping fees would be cost prohibitive) or you can do in bulk (recommended).

Single Product Conversion to FBA

Bulk Product Conversion to FBA

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