How is Accelerlist different from existing Ebay listing applications? Ex: Joelister

Updated 11 months ago by Adi G

Accelerlist will basically do everything that JoeLister does but for a fraction of the cost.

Ex: Our Preliminary pricing plans for listing items on Ebay are as follows:

  • $20/mo up to 5,000 product listings
  • $40/mo up to 10,000 product listings
  • $99/mo for unlimited product listings

And below is a screenshot of the pricing for Joelister taken at the time of publishing this article on March 11th, 2020:

Thus, as visible, Accelerlist's $20 plan with 5000 Listing per month has TWICE the listing option limit than Joelister's $139 plan!

It is just 14.38% of the cost in comparison to the Joelister plan.

The best part about listing on Ebay is you can cross-list products on Amazon AND Ebay at the same time using Accelerlist! We'd soon share this information here .

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