How to submit a bug report

Updated 1 month ago by Travis R

If you encounter a bug while using Accelerlist, please do share more information with the following details:

1: The email address for your Accelerlist account.

2: Was your last subscription payment processed successfully, or were there any issues?

3: What is the OS of the device you are using? (Kindly state the version)

4: What Browser are your using? (Kindly state the version)

5: What brand of Thermal Printer are you using? (Kindly specify the model number)

6: What area of Accelerlist Application was the issue encountered? Ex: Batch, Report, Repricer etc.

7: What is the issue you're facing? Please share the information in detail.

8: Any additional information you'd want to share?

All the above details shall help us to identify and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If you could also record a video of your screen and share it with us, that'd be really helpful.

We recommend using Loom software to record a video (You can always use another software as per your preference), and then share the video link with us.

Here's a support article sharing How to record a Loom video.

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