How do we define Active Inventory?

Updated 1 year ago by Travis R

Active inventory is the unit metric we use to define your inventory size when applying pricing to your account. We want to be sure we are only evaluating your inventory size on inventory you actually have and that can be sold.

In order to do this we define active inventory as any inventory that you have in your Seller Central account that has a quantity greater than 1.

Example of Inactive Inventory

Below is a product that is inactive and out of stock. In the available column there is a zero. We wouldn't' reprice this product for you because it's not available for sale so it wouldn't count against your pricing tier either.

Example of Active Inventory

Below is an example of a product you may have in stock and has an inventory count of 1

What if I have multiple quantities of a MSKU?

Regardless of how many units of one single MSKU you have, it will always be treated as 1 in our count for your pricing tier.

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