Understanding the Amazon / eBay Price Comparison Box

Updated 11 months ago by Travis R

When you go to list an Amazon inventory item to eBay we want you to be able to make intelligent price decisions each time if needed, but also provide you with an automatic way to price these items so you can save time and streamline your workflows.

Let's break down our price box and explain each component:

Amazon Fee Display

Your Amazon Price: This is your current price for this product as of our last sync to your inventory

Amazon FBA Fees: This is the fee Amazon charges you for FBA + Shipping fees if your item is sold on Amazon. This includes Prime shipping if the customer has Prime.

eBay Fees: This will always be blank as there are no eBay fees when selling your product on the Amazon platform

Amazon Net Profit: This is what you can expect to make in net profit off of this item if it sells on Amazon under the FBA program.

eBay Fee Display

Your eBay Price: This box is pre-populated based on the pricing strategy you made in your settings but is allowed to be edited based on your preference with each listing action.

Amazon MCF/FBA Fees: These are the fees that Amazon charges the seller to fulfill (MCF) the product from their warehouse to your eBay customer.

eBay & PayPal Fees: These are the fees eBay will charge for the sale along with the PayPal fees associated with the transaction.

eBay Net Profit: This is what you can expect to make in net profit off of this item if it sells on the eBay platform.

White Box Data

Below the market price comparisons we display and provide supplemental pricing data for each product as you list it to help better form your price decisions or validate the ones you make.

Recent eBay Price: This is the most recent eBay sale price for this product

Formula Used: The predetermined formula you are using to auto-set your eBay price at

Listing Fee: Your listing fee estimate (if you are within your listing fee allotment, then this will reflect as $0.00)

Last Price Fetch: The last time we fetched the most recent eBay price for this product

Formula Price: A reminder of the price your setting based on your predetermined pricing formula you set

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