Managing Your Listing, Shipping & Return Rules (Business Policy Profiles)

Updated 11 months ago by Travis R

When you create an AccelerList account, AccelerList automatically creates three "business policy profiles" on your eBay account:

  • AccelerList_PAYMENT_PROFILE - Contains all your listing payment settings, such as the PayPal address to which you would like your customers to send payment.
  • AccelerList_RETURN_POLICY_PROFILE - Contains your return policy settings.
  • AccelerList_SHIPPING_PROFILE - Contains your shipping policy settings, e.g. whether to allow the eBay Global Shipping program. Note that the expedited and priority shipping prices are overridden on each individual listing to reflect the true additional cost.

All listings that you create through AccelerList are tied to these business policy profiles. These three profiles collectively manage almost all settings in your AccelerList listings besides the description, title, and images.

If you would like to change any of these settings, you can do so on the Business Policies Page on eBay. Changes take effect immediately on all existing and future AccelerList eBay listings.

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