Exporting restricted or gated product lists

Updated 11 months ago by Travis R

Often when you're out buying products in a Sale, you spend a lot of time just checking whether you're permitted to sell a particular product, and can certainly miss out on great deals just because you're not permitted to sell some of them yet. Well, not anymore!

We've now added the feature to connect with Consignment Ninja that allows you to buy products in bulk without having to ever worry about whether or not you'd be able to sell it on Amazon.

With Consignment Ninja, even if you're unable to sell it yourself, you can connect with another experienced/permitted seller who is allowed to sell these products online, and you can split the profit for the sale!

The process for this feature would be as follows:

  1. Check if product is Restricted

As a user scans a product into a batch, he'd be able to check whether he can sell the particular product.

If he is restricted from selling it (as visible in the above image), he can simply cancel adding it to the batch, and instead it gets added to a separate restricted/ gated products list.

  1. Review the Restricted Product List and Prepare Shipment

The user can continue with the current batch and list all the products he can sell, while a separate list of restricted products gets updated on a parallel basis. Once the current batch is completed, the user can sign into their Consignment Ninja account, and then prepare to ship these products to the Seller with permission to sell these products, as communicated on Consignment Ninja platform.

  1. Product Sale and Payment Split

Once they receive the shipment and verify the conditions of the products, they shall confirm the same, and list the Products.

Once the products are sold, both the sellers are updated automatically within the application, and then the seller shall initiate the process to send the payment for the split profit.

This would be incredibly effective in helping Accelerlist users save time and get the best deals on products without having to worry about whether they'd be restricted from selling it on Amazon, and thus significantly increase their profits!

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