Printing FNSKU labels in Profit Print™

Updated 2 years ago by Travis R

After listing your products in Seller Central, AccelerList or another listing application and sending your product feed to Amazon you can head on over to the Inventory_Manage FBA Shipments page within Seller Central and find the shipment you would like to print labels for.

Once you have found and selected your shipment to work on, it time to review your product units. Click on the Review and modify units button to see all of the product skus in your shipment.

If you are satisfied with all of the products in the shipment and everything looks in order, it is now time to generate the PDF file of FNSKU labels to be printed. You do this by pressing the Profit Print™ branded button at the bottom.

A new pop up window should be generated and shown to you which displays all of your labels to be printed.

At this point you will want to review your labels for defects in the layout and when ready, print to your desired thermal printer. Below is a real example of the PDF generated above.

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