How to find promotional savings activity on eBay

Updated 11 months ago by Travis R

If you subscribe to an eBay Store Plan than you will receive a credit for a certain amount of listed products each month. This is important to understand because the fee structure on eBay is different than the fee structure on Amazon for listing products for sale.

Amazon charges $40/mo to be a Professional Seller but you get unlimited potential product listings. eBay takes a different approach and charges the seller a flat rate for products listed and also a monthly fee which helps offset some of those charges each month for your products listed.

The credit they give back to the seller are called Promotional Savings.

You can find your most recent Promotional Savings activity/credits by navigating:

Home > My eBay > My Account > Seller Account > Account Activity

Below are the eBay listing fees and store pricing as of 4/6/2020

Since AccelerList is synced to your eBay account we will automatically know what store plan you are subscribed to and account for this in your Profit & Loss statement.

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