Configuration of Custom Sku for Merchant Fulfilled Listing

Updated 11 months ago by Adi G

While creating SKUs for Merchant Fulfilled listing, we've now enabled the option to create a custom SKU tag so that it is easier for you to identify its location while sourcing the product once it is sold.

To access this setting, go to Settings-> SKU Settings, and you shall see the following section:

In this example, we've added 'Shelf A', 'Shelf B', and 'Garage Rack 1' as options for the custom SKU for Merchant Fulfilled, which shall allow us to identify its location.

One important aspect of this setting is the 'Set and Lock Suffix Integer' option.

For example, you list 50 products and the suffix integer is 1 to 50 for these products.

Later when you start listing more products, if you've selected this option, the integer count would start from 51 instead of 1, so that it prevents any confusion later.

For example, A Product on Shelf A with suffix integer 56 would look like this:

The above is how the SKU would appear for the products.

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