Common Error Messages

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List of possible Amazon or AccelerList errors

Included here is a list of common error messages Amazon might return through us or error messages that could be generated on our side of the application.


This is means that you opted for Amazon to label your products when sending them in and Amazon has informed us via the API that this item can only be labeled by the seller. Or vice versa. It is basically the opposite of labeling solution you chose when you created the batch. For whatever reason, Amazon decides sometimes that they want to label the item or they want you too.

đź’ˇ A solution to this is to put the item(s) aside and list them on another batch where you can select the Amazon preferred labeling option from the beginning of the batch.


This could be one of the following three instances:

  1. It’s a hazmat restricted item.
  2. It’s in a restricted category for you and you can’t sell it.
  3. It legitimately isn’t in the catalog as an item which means you’ll need to create a new listing for it

Amazon could have simply removed this ASIN from the catalog or has possibly changed it since the last time you listed it. You’ll want to contact Seller Support to find out the specifics regarding this ASIN and whether or not you should go by a different ASIN in order to list it.

đźš« Invalid request creating FNSkuMap

This error occurs when your custom sku is too long for Amazon to accept. Try reducing the # of custom sku tags you have chosen or shorten the manual sku you’ve created.

🚫 Over ASIN guidance

This means Amazon won’t let you send the item in because they just have way too many in the warehouses of this ASIN. This doesn’t mean that the product won't sell but Amazon knows that they have too many and that it won’t be selling anytime soon so they don’t want the product in their warehouses at this time.

đźš« Andoncordmanager

This error is caused by a restriction on your Amazon seller account and has nothing to do with the listing application. You may need to submit a support ticket to Amazon to figure out why your account is being restricted from listing. One example from a recent seller was that they had sent in a shipment that was overweight and they needed to go in and acknowledge that so Amazon would let them list again.

đźš« The submission did not adhere to its SDL specified schema

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