Listing with default or no default conditions

Updated 2 years ago by Travis R

In an effort to either speed up your listing process and/or reduce mistakes when listing, you can now choose default conditions or no default as you list products in AccelerList.

Set default condition grade per batch

Head over to the Settings area and then toggle to Listing Settings. Choose your preferred listing condition grade and then save your selection at the bottom. Now you are ready to create your batch.

Change default condition grade in batch

If you would like to change your default condition grade while you are in the middle of the batch you can do so from the right sidebar. Simply click on the Notes tab and use the drop down menu to change your selection.

This action will not affect or change your default global condition grade in the main settings area.

No Default setting for condition grades

If you choose to select no condition grade for your batches then AccelerList will force you to select one each time you add a new product to the batch or until you remove this default setting.

You will be presented with red condition grade blocks to choose from as you list each of your items in a batch.

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