What if I Listed a Product with the wrong marked condition?

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If you or your employee(You can add 2 Employees to your team with separate logins for no additional charge. Learn more about it here) have listed a product with the wrong condition, then to reach a resolution you will have to pick which step of the process you're in and follow those specific directions from the choices below.

They are as follows:

1: Product Listed in Batch

If you've listed a product in the batch and printed a label for it, and then realized that the product condition is incorrect, then you can simply delete the product and list it again.

If a label isn't printed yet, then it's as if adding any new product.

If you've printed a label, then you need to print a new label again and apply it on the existing one applied on the product.

2: Shipment plan has been created

If you've accepted a Shipment plan with the product listed in the wrong condition, then there are 2 options often used by Sellers, and they are as follows:

A: Less than 5 products

If it's just a couple of products listed incorrectly, then you can choose to exclude them from the Shipment being sent.

B: More than 5 products

If the number of products listed incorrectly is more than 5, then it is recommended to delete the Shipment plan, inform Seller Central Support about deleting the Shipment plan.

(Both of these steps should be avoided, but especially avoid deleting Shipment plans often)

3: Shipment with incorrectly listed product is sent to Amazon

In this case, you'd need to create a removal order.

The steps to do so in Seller Central are visible in this image:

Learn more about this process in Seller Central here.

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