Speed Listing Products

Updated 10 months ago by Travis R

If you would like to speed up your listing process than AccelerList has a lot of options for you! There are two main options for speeding up your listing worklfow.

  1. Condition Grade/Notes
  2. Pricing

Condition Grade/Notes

Pre-sort your products by condition


If you have a quantity of 100 books with various condition grades, you can simply presort your pile and organize them by condition grade and then set your default condition grade and note in the side bar for the batch.

After you have scanned all of the Used-Good condition books (for this example) you can then change the condition grade and note and start scanning the next sorted pile of books. This will allow you to list much faster as you will no longer need to stop and select the condition of each book you scan.


Use one of default pricing options

This is a really handy option to speed up your listing, especially if you are already using a repricer such as our Profit Reprice™. You can set up and use any of these and turn pricing on "auto-pilot".

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