Completing a shipment in Seller Central after submitting your batch

Updated 2 years ago by Travis R

After you have submitted your batch from AccelerList to Seller Central, it's now time to log in and finalize your working shipment so you can send the box in to the Amazon fulfillment center and list the products for sale on Amazon.

Open up a new browser tab and navigate to Seller Central to begin.

Once inside, navigate to your FBA working shipments.

Once inside the Manage FBA Shipments page you will see all of your shipments. They will be in various status modes from Working to others. Click on the yellow Work on Shipment button after you have found the working shipment you would like to work on.

Once inside your desired working shipment you will now see all of the important information pertaining to your shipment (or batch). There will now be some decisions that need to be made.

Send/Replenish Inventory Page

In the first section you have an opportunity to review your individual products you have listed with AccelerList and even print a manifest of these items if needed. You will also be toggling back and forth between UPS and FedEx to determine who will give you the most favorable (less expensive) shipping fees.

Submit Box Content information

The next section is very important. You will need to enter your box content information for the shipment IF you are sending in more than one box. There are four options to handle box content but printing 2D barcodes is the most popular. You can do box content directly inside of AccelerList or head over to and sign up there.

IF you are only sending in one box than you don't need to provide box content information at all. Just send the box in with the products in the box.

After you are finished with box content you can now wrap up by reviewing your shipping charges and finally printing your shipping label to complete the shipment and drop off at the UPS store.

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